Chris Cornell died at 52  Former Audioslave & Soundgarden Frontman

Chris Cornell died at 52

Chris Cornell’s widow slammed a Michigan medical expert Tuesday for undertaking a “botched research” into the sound garden singer’s death a 12 month ago. The probe into her husband’s obvious suicide has left her with several queries and grief, Vicky Cornell knowledgeable the Motown news. She declared individuals had spurred conspiracy theories on-line creating “all sorts of false accusations” and subjected her to on-line assaults.
“This has left American state and my family nonetheless searching for answers, but at the identical time, activate this windstorm of conspiracies,” Cornell tutored newspaper.“a range of the persons area unit while not a doubt lover searching for solutions, but some of them are conspiracy theorists World Health Organization have same the foremost vile things to my youngsters and me.”

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