iOS 12 is out today as promised  Apple

iOS 12

The long waited software update from Apple for their i-devices are out now. After the long test and fixes Apple rolled out iOS 12 today, September 17.

Some of the features we’ve been talking about iOS 12 are:

Group FaceTime:

Now you can enjoy with many people at the same time. Now you can join or invite anyone in the middle of the conversation. As per knowledge this feature will be coming in future release of iOS 12. We have many other features in Group FaceTime. Memoji integration, camera filters and many more features are about to come in iOS 12 but sad news is that it will come in future.

Screen Time:
This features helps to monitor the way you use your i-devices how often. This features also helps to make sure that your children are not using these devices for more time. It have been the best way to watch over children’s as well as you yourself. It makes more efficient to manage how you use your devices and spending time.

Grouped Notification:
The best way that you notifications pops in your lock screen or the notification center. As per this feature different notification of similar or different apps will be grouped and helps you to stay focused in those notifications and won’t take all your screen.

More Power:
As iOS 11 came out to be the battery drainer, iOS 12 is going to give you efficient way to make your devices stay for long time.

iOS 12 gives you the power to create your own memoji. Now you can easily create them and use them with your friends and family. You can use these memoji in Messages and FaceTime.

Also there are four new memoji that can make your conversation more funny and joyful. As animoji are more responsive and more expressive.

Augmented Reality:
Now you can enjoy Augmented Reality with friends. ARKit 2 makes it more possible to create the reality. AR objects can now be sent over different iOS devices and it seems more fun.

Do Not Disturb:
Scared of being unknown of important calls while you are in busy schedule? Now you don’t have to. iOS 12 lets you manage it in more efficient way. Imagine you are in a meeting and you are activating Do Not Disturb mode, in mean time after meeting has been over iOS 12’s features will automatically turn this Do Not Disturb off so that you will catch up with all other events, notifications and many more.

Share your Photos:
Now in iOS 12, the Photos app have been revamped and more features have been added into it. So, that it will become more easier for you to use it in daily basis. Photos app will recommend photos for you and now you can search photos that you’ve taken from particular event or particular place or particular day.

Siri is now more intelligent and you will get used of it. Siri now get shortcuts and can help you in real time without the help of internet. Siri is now integrated with third-party apps and will also learn about you and help you with different recommendation. New shortcuts app will soon be launched. Some of the famous folks also stated that the app is ready for launch but we are following them. Stay tuned for this update.

Your data is Your data none of other data:
Apple this time also reveals that the privacy of your data to be within you. They have integrated more features to handle the security of your data. No other that you can access your data without proper knowledge of you and your data to access and manipulate them.

While login to some of the social media or website you’ll receive the login code but you need to see and copy paste them. But with iOS 12 now it is more easier because it will come in the screen and recommend you to use as soon as you request for the code and login more easily.

Revamped different apps:

Apple have revamped different apps present in i-devices and some of the are :

Apple Books :  Apple Books has a new look and it makes you more easier to read, find and stream different books across different devices as well as i-Cloud.

Stocks :  This app is revamped and also news are shown in this app so that you’ll gain more sight about stocks with news.

Voice Memo: It is revamped with different look and is more easier to use as well as understanding the way it works.

Wallet: Wallet gives you more way to manage students information and it can be stored as ID that a student possess.

Car-Play : Car-Play now interacts with different third-part apps and works smoothly.

News: Apple have revamped the News app in such a way that it will be easier for you to get more and legit news across the world. Stay tuned with different news and find out what are being in different local places as well as the world.

Battery Health: Battery health is no more in beta. It gives you all the information about the battery life and makes more easier to understand how device is consuming the battery.

And there are many more features that are still unknown to us. We will keep you up to date with iOS 12.

As there are 16 known bugs that are still not been fixed and hope Apple will fix them as soon as possible.

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