The Palm Group Pvt. Ltd Terms & Conditions

Thanks for using our products and services and keeping your loyal relationship with us. We are grateful to be with you in your work. The services are provided The Palm Group Pvt. Ltd.

Please read out carefully the Terms & Condition before you agree to make loyal relationship. Additional services are relied upon the services you are requesting on.


Our Services

Here are some of the policies that you need to follow for using our services.

  1. You are responsible for the products that you are about to purchase.
  2. The products are fully on rent. So, you need to pay additional amount for using it.
  3. If the products are not returned withing the time, 10% more amount should be paid as fine.
  4. The way of using the devices will be provided our instructors.
  5. If the products are lost/stolen then the person who purchased it should pay the full amount and compensesation of the product.
  6. Buying our products don’t give you the full responsibilities of using it. There are some of the circumstances you need to be on using our products and services.

Modifying & Terminating our Services

You can modify or terminate our services as soon as you are not favorable to it. We want the best for you. We are kindly waiting for your feedback so that we can change and add more services The Palm Group Pvt. Ltd. Before you are ready to go you need to clear all the fees and agreement you have done with us. And we are sorry to see you go.

About The Terms

We might modify these terms or any further terms that apply to a Service to, as an example, mirror changes to the law or changes to our Services. you ought to scrutinize the terms often. We’ll post notice of modifications to those terms on this page. We’ll post notice of changed further terms within the applicable Service. Changes won’t apply retroactively and can become effective no prior fourteen days when they’re denote. However, changes addressing new functions for a Service or changes created for legal reasons are effective like a shot. If you are doing not comply with the changed terms for a Service, you ought to discontinue your use of that Service.

If there’s a conflict between these terms and therefore the further terms, the extra terms can management for that conflict.