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Palm Group Entertainment

Palm Group Entertainment is an multi-national Company based in Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal. It was registered in 2014 AD and is active in developing different music videos, Ads-promotion,music videos and films too. There are many  films developed and produced The Palm Group Entertainment such as Sayabung, Aaple Laa Naamsa, Heroz, Tulkee and many more.

The Palm Group Entertainment is actively working for the best outcome in Nepal Film Industry with excellence. We are here to provide you the best team which can uplift you in this phase of competition. The company has released many music videos, Movies and many more. We are looking for those people who can reveal their quality and hidden talent in them. We are here to make you stand differently in the crowd. Apart of post production via this company you can design and develop websites through various developer specialist too.

Shekhar Lama is the CEO of  The Palm Group Entertainment and is actively working on Nepali Film Industry for making youth to attract towards the Nepali Culture. As the world is changing and the era is being attracted to the modern lifestyle, He is representing the classic world where we are cultural and live with every aspects of society. The Palm Group have string team and always seeking for different talents hidden in different youths.

Why The Palm Group?

We are professional movie makers and we have all the necessary equipment’s needed for the production of movies and many others medias. We can assist you in different ways that a production company should manage their work. Members of the company are there to motivate you, provide you knowledge about the production as well as managing them. Feel free to share you ideas and visions because we make your dream come true. Visit our YouTube channel for updating yourself with the latest music videos and cultural movies.

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