The Movie ”Tulkee” Based on Polyandry, will be Screened Across The Country from 17th March 2023

The movie ‘Tulkee’ Made on Polyandry will be screened across the country from 17th March 2023. The movie ‘Tulkee’ based on polyandry prevalent in the Himalayan region has been Produced under the banner of ‘The Palm Group Pvt Ltd’. In the movie, the Polyandry system prevalent in the Himalayas is shown. The movie ‘Tulkee’ was Read More

‘Best Feature Film’ and ‘Best Screenplay’ award goes to’Tulkee’ in Nepal Rural Film Festival

KATHMANDU – Spiny Babbler International Film Festival – 2022 award distribution ceremony was conducted at Nepal Tourism Board. on the date 01 May 2022. This event was organized Spiny Babbler Movies Pvt. Ltd. This Film Festival was sponsored Bus Sewa. Other Supporting Partners for this event were Libju Films Media Pvt. Ltd. Right Read More