Services provided from The Palm Group

The Palm Group is a multinational company providing different sets of activities. The main focus of The Palm Group is to focus on those aspects of the society that helps to improvise the thoughts and vision towards Nepali Film Industry. We provide many types of services among which some of them are listed and discussed below:


Let’s suppose you have a product and you want to sell but you are not getting the attention you are seeking form your customers. You can drive their attention making video advertisement of short length and promote them from different television channels. We will give you a grand concept that will drive your customer right back to you.

Short Movie

Well, you have a basic concept of representing the real scenario of the society and don’t have knowledge of how and what should be done? Yes, You are at the right place. We will help you develop the short movie from which you can show your talent as well as visualize different other concepts as well. We are always ready to assist you in this situation.

Music Videos

You recorded a music and now you want to drive more attention of peoples around the globe. Making music video that represents your music and raise your voice in-front of all these peoples. Come to us, we will give you the best music video that will make you feel worthy. And after one step you are good to go. The Palm Group is optimistic about the things you are about to do. We will be glad to assist you. Contact us using this link.

Web Design

Well, As the development of technology is rising up, everything like advertising, promoting etc. is now done network so, if you are about to establish your business at your own or you want news portal or a personal website… Dont worry we also assist you in this feild as per your requirements. For that you can directly contact via this link.

News and Blogs

At last but not at least if you have any blogs/articles or  regarding for public we also can spread and inform it to public researching articles for the better information through our news portal.. for this you can mail us at It will be our pleasure to help you..
Have a great day;)