Tulki, who lost her mother while being born in a Bramhin village of Lower Dolpa falls in love when she grows young; with Sangey who came to sell Herbs from Upper Dolpa. Sangey takes her to Upper Dolpa Pulling her hand and eloping.

He has a father and 2 elder brothers in his house. Elder most brother is born with special need (Dull) whereas the second one, Chewang is arrogant who is in love with his own aunt’s daughter Dolma.

Due to the practice of Polygamy in that region, Tulki who was born in Bramhin family has to become the wife of 3 brothers. Chewang tries to clear his way to marry his beloved Dolma keeping Sange and Tulki aside. Tulki gets pregnant during that period, Sangey and Tulki want to escape from this mess and want settle down in new horizon. Contact for international rights.

A decade ago, Rajendra Thakuri, the nephew of Mustangi Raja, a resident of Mustang, tried to make a film about the virginity of polyandry in Upper Mustang.

Despite various difficulties, it was the dream of filmmaker Thakuri to make a film about polyandry as his second project after the movie Muktidata, which was made on the subject of Mustang. Although that dream of the producer Thakuri could not be fulfilled, now Tulki, a Nepali story film about the polyandry system of Dolpa, has been made, not Mustang.

The Palm Group has added a new dimension producing a film about polyandry. It is not easy to make a film on the traditional practice of one wife having more than one husband. The construction was completed only after a long study and research and spending a large budget.

According to the production company, the shooting of Tulki, the first movie based on polyandry, took place in remote villages like Phoksundo, Tripurakot, Ralli, Karelikanda and others in Dolpa district.According to producer Shekhar Lama, polyandry, which still exists as a custom in the costumes of Himalayan districts like Dolpa, Humla, Mugu, Mustang, is shown through Tulki. In the movie, a girl who grew up in a different community in the lower area of ​​Dolpa gets married and goes to Upallo, and after going there, the tragic story of marital gang rape that she had to suffer in the name of custom is revealed in the movie.

Production Team:

This film is presented Palm Group and produced Shekhar Lama, R.P. Karmacharya and Ujeli Lama. Story of Tulkee has been written Lakshman Sunar and Directed Dev Thapa along with art direction, screen play and dialogue of Shekhar Lama. This film has been specially filmed in mountaineous region of Nepal with Cinematography of Sushil Adhikari and Nawaraj Ghimire. The graphics used in this movie has been designed Saren Khadgi and the film has been edited Tara Thapa Kimvey. The background score has been created Sanjeeb Subba.