Tulki, who lost her mother while being born in a Bramhin village of Lower Dolpa falls in love when she grows young; with Sangey who came to sell Herbs from Upper Dolpa. Sangey takes her to Upper Dolpa Pulling her hand and eloping.

He has a father and 2 elder brothers in his house. Elder most brother is born with special need (Dull) whereas the second one, Chewang is arrogant who is in love with his own aunt’s daughter Dolma.

Due to the practice of Polygamy in that region, Tulki who was born in Bramhin family has to become the wife of 3 brothers. Chewang tries to clear his way to marry his beloved Dolma keeping Sange and Tulki aside. Tulki gets pregnant during that period, Sangey and Tulki want to escape from this mess and want settle down in new horizon. Contact for international right

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